C. Mossen Josep Gudiol, 21
Vic (Barcelona) 08500
Information and reservation
phone number: 93 889 56 44
Boccatti’s address has been transmitted by word of mouth over years. It is not difficult, then, to understand why such a particular restaurant is in a mainland city. As the sign outside displays, seafood is their speciality and, as such, have people known the restaurant. Although fish is the restaurant’s forte, their philosophy of products selection is also applied to other products, always of the highest quality.

It is a model restaurant. Josep Girabent is the chef together with M. Isabel Garcia (known as Mari by the staff) who helps him with the kitchen, serves the costumers and spreads happiness. The concept of cuisine is supported by product selection which has been done by Josep since the origins of the restaurant, which is situated right next to the market. He does the shopping being aware of when the first mushrooms or the broad beans come out.  He knows exactly when is the best period to buy octopus, cuttlefish or squid, which is then served rigorously cleaned. Fish is wild and preferably from the Catalan coast: bone rockfish, langoustines, scorpion fish and Saint Peter’s megrim. And from the Cantabrian Sea: barnacles and oysters.

Josep’s latest cuisine is displayed with his daily shopping. A bass, some prawns or some milk-cap mushrooms are an example of the attractive fresh goods that, together with an impeccable classical technique, result in a perfectly delicate cleaning and chopping of the fish. In such a particular place, dishes like their Tartar-Steak become a hallmark as well.

The dining room is small in size and one gets an unfailingly personalized service. Boccatti is a restaurant to your measurement, a home where time seems to stop. The staff is faithful to their distinctive unmistakable work which defines and honours them.